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"My journey to date with Charlie has at various times been exhilarating, challenging and difficult but this is a reflection on the nature of who I am and the nature of the unfamiliar landscape I am navigating en route to worthwhile growth, development and deep learning in this space.  I could not have asked for a better guide, one who is genuinely interested (and interesting), attentive, articulate and thoughtful, with a deep well of wisdom.


She has the uncanny ability to adapt on the run as a session unfolds and all the while without judgement but with respect, support and a strong connection while sometimes judiciously applying the art of the nudge to get me to go that little but further into the unknown.  It has been hard work for me but attempting something out of the ordinary requires something extraordinary by way of support and that is what Charlie provides.​​


"Thank you for a transformative session today. You totally blow me away with your professionalism. The way you combine care, humour, touch and words is spectacular. To me you are the ultimate practitioner – magical, skilled and present. Thank you for holding me, pleasuring me and educating me. A+++


"Trust in Charlie's skills, trust in the power of insight and you might then start to trust in 'trust' itself... with yourself and others.


"You are attentive and thoughtful, also respectful and supportive and handle my doubts and issues with aplomb, compassion, empathy and clarity and are a very clear communicator but it is more than that. 

Odd as it might sound, I find you often unsettle me, partly I think this is deliberately done to get me thinking and acting in a different way than I have been used to, akin to an agent provocateur. To me there is an element of danger and possibility. I can feel off-balance, uneasy, and humble (but not humbled) both while in your presence and when I think of you, which is often. 

I am in awe of your skills, your endless patience and your vast and deep knowledge and practical experience. But I have never felt put-down, demeaned, dismissed or belittled even though I frequently struggle and don’t always “get it”. 

On this aspect, I suspect this is partly, perhaps largely, due to my age and life history. The unfamiliar is fighting to be heard by what is currently “protected” by layer upon layer built up over this long time by the familiar. Breaking down this “protection” seems to me to be the essential first step to expose my vulnerable core to accept and nourish this unfamiliar and allow me to grow and develop in new ways.


"She supported my journey to overcome shame, sex negativity, fear of relinquishing control and my ongoing journey to become fully sex positive. 


"I have learnt that with the assistance of a compassionate, brave and professional guide, you can unlock the 'blockages' hidden in your body, expose them for the ghosts that they are and replace them with new relationship skills, whether (truly) listening to your body or simply asking of your partner to have your needs met.


"The therapeutic path we have taken, confronting at times and having little to do with the sex acts themselves, has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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