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You know there’s more to learn, to experience, to share in the world of sex and sexuality. If you’re anything like me and most people I know, no-one really taught you how to enjoy being in your body for a start, let alone how to touch – yourself or anyone else! Whether you’ve just opened the door to this exploration, or you’re lucky enough to have had positive influences, or have worked hard at it already, there are so many facets to pleasure and pleasuring that we can discover together.

Do you want to expand the variety and extend the duration of sex?


Do you have unmet longings? Unresolved feelings? Patterns of unfulfilling behaviour?


Would you like to learn how to ask for what you really want?


Would you like to learn how to encourage your partner/s to ask for what they really want?


Do you want to learn how to touch yourself and your partner/s in more diverse and stimulating ways?


Would you like to open up communication channels so that you can improve or deepen your relationship?


Have you experienced injury or surgery or other impacts that have affected your libido, your erection, your ejaculation, your capacity to feel?


Does trauma affect the way you relate to yourself and others?


Are you confused by how porn presents sex and pleasure?  Do you get distracted or find it difficult to relate with an intimate other because of porn?


Are you curious about using breath and other techniques to increase sensation and change orgasmic possibilities?


Do you have non-normative fantasies and curiosities?  Are you unsure how to introduce kink activities into your existing erotic dynamics?  Do you want to ensure you are playing safely and ethically?

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Somatic Sexuality Coaching

You know your body better than anyone.  Your curiosity is our guide.  Deeper learning can be supported through somatic (body-centred) experiences and/or hands-on processes - when you are ready.  We work at your pace, under your instruction, framed by educational intentions. Depending on your interests, this could be a once-off, however repeated practice over time will improve real-life applications.  

$300 / 90 minutes *

Courthouse Steps

Relationship Counselling

Individuals and couples interested in their erotic health can be supported in a no-judgement space.  How to communicate needs and interests, overcoming fears and anxieties, learning about pleasure pathways and changed desire can all be explored.  I work using a combination of talk therapy and embodiment practices and offer home-play exercises to keep developing your new skills together in your own time.

$150 / 60 minutes
$190 - 90 minutes
$250 / 90 minutes couples

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Body Banquets

It's more than eating off a body. It's an aesthetic experience through all the senses. It's a reflection on what spice you might like to invite into your erotic life. It's a unique experience for you to share with a small group of your friends, ideally 6 - 8 people. Perfect if you're looking for an unusual 3 course meal for dinner parties, anniversaries, bucks/hens dos - or just because you want to do something different socially.
I host in your home, or mine.

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Feeling a bit shy about expressing adventurous ideas in the bedroom?  Intimidated about hiring a professional?  Overwhelmed by public workshops?  I have extensive kink experience and offer one-on-one or couples kink coaching using the RACK approach (Risk Aware Conscious Kink).  Learn about consent, negotiation and specific skills in the consult rooms or a private dungeon if appropriate.  Please note this is a non-sexual, education focused service!

$300 / 90 mins *

Learning new skills and rewiring old habits takes more than a single session.  I recommend * multi-session packages * to make your exploration more fulfilling and affordable.
3 x 90 minutes $850
6 x 90 minutes $1650
10 x 90 minutes $2700
Accessibility is important to me.  The world needs more of this work!  If cost is an issue, please get in touch so we can find a mutually agreeable solution.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Reserving time for you can mean having to turn away other people.  Late cancellations often result in not being able to fill that time.  That leaves both me and other clients in an unfortunate position.  So whilst I'd love to be able to offer free cancellations, out of respect for that most precious element - time - I do have the following cancellation policy:

Cancellation within 48hours of booking:  50% of session fee

Cancellation within 24 hours of booking:  100% of session fee

I'm curious about who you are and can tailor to your needs.
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