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Common questions about somatic sexology...

Is sex coaching a hands-on experience?


All sessions are driven by your interests; I have a suite of exercises and tools to get you more embodied, more aware of what you want and how to communicate, how to explore some of the issues you might be experiencing. Typically we will discuss what you’re interested in ahead of the session. When you arrive, we will check in to ensure we are clear about what we’re going to be doing and that it matches how you are feeling in the moment. I will guide you into some embodiment exercises, such as breathing together and body scans. We will do the agreed explorations and be fully responsive to what comes up, moment by moment. We will debrief and set homeplay for ongoing learning (change takes place with repeated practice over time!). These sessions are always tailored to your needs and interests.    


How long is a session?  How long will it take to notice results after beginning sexology sessions?


Individual sessions are typically 90 minutes.  If you are experiencing something quite complex, I would recommend several sessions – every two to three weeks for as long as it takes. If you have a specific technique to learn or curiosity to satisfy, it could be one session of ideally two hours.  However, repeated practice over time will enable the body to fully integrate new skills, moving from the clunky to the instinctive.  It all depends on how deep you’d like to explore and how much time you have to invest.  


Do I have to be naked?  Are you naked?


No.  All sessions are led by you and what best supports your learning.  We will only ever do things you fully consent to and will work at your pace.  Most sessions can be done clothed, partially clothed, under a sheet or naked.  One-way touch means I touch you (when you want me to) but you don't touch me - which is in line with the Code of Conduct requirements for Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.  I am fully clothed and you are in a state of dress/undress that is comfortable for you.  


What training have you done?


I am a fully certified, Level 2 Sexological Bodyworker (click here for more information ). I have a certificate in Embodied Counselling (click here for more information I have taken several short courses and workshops in psychology, trauma, tantra and BDSM with the likes of Barbara Carrellas, Betty Martin, Anne O Nomis, Michaela Boehm, Seani Love, Liz Scarfe, Process Oriented Psychology, Curious Creatures, Mistress Tokyo, Mistress Tova, Mistress Salacia and I undertake regular professional and peer-based supervision.  I have had a successful background in making live performance (with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama) which underpins my sensate focused awareness.


Why should I choose to work with you?


Because I feel like the right fit for you.  A therapeutic relationship is deeply intimate and personal - particularly when exploring the erotic realm.  Rapport with your therapist is the most important ingredient in achieving the results you hope for.  Research demonstrates ‘good rapport’ counts for more successful therapeutic outcomes than the level of training or specific modality practised by your therapist.  Therefore, I suggest you get in touch to find out if you feel comfortable with me.  


On a practical level, I believe I am a highly professional sensate and empath.  I listen attentively and respond creatively to your unique needs.  I am honest and provocative whilst being calm, gentle and thoughtful.  I have survived my own challenges (and no doubt will continue to do so) which give me great insight and sensitivity.  I now thrive on supporting others in their own erotic journey.  I want you to have the best erotic life possible.


I’m really nervous.  What can I do?


Breathe. Your experience is very normal and to be expected. The best thing you can do is take the risk and communicate clearly what you want. Then, keep breathing – the most helpful way to manage nerves is to breathe; long, slow, deep breaths. Breath regulates the nervous system. It also moderates arousal. Breathing slowly is the best thing you can ever learn to do for yourself. 


Questions still lingering…?


Please send me an email if you’d like to know more. I'm not great at answering my phone unless we have booked a time to chat - which I'm very happy to arrange either via email or text message.   I esteem to reply within 24 hours, if not sooner, unless I’m out of range (which happens occasionally). Your enquiry will always be honoured by a response.

I am open to your interests - without shame or judgement.
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